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Sacred Dolphin

Wild Dolphin Adventures

Learn the Wisdom of Inner Peace and Healing


Custom Wild Dolphin Journeys tailored to your Specific Life Goals, Company Growth, Emotional and Physical Healing!

Contact us at to learn more!

"The intent of 'Sacred Dolphin International', is to provide self-development education and skills for  the participant while facilitating joyful wild dolphin experiences that are both personally transformative and life enhancing.

Vibrational energy healing and 'activations' occur at this level of personal dolphin interaction, which benefits not only our participants, but also the planet as a whole.

'Sacred Dolphin International' is passionate about reconnecting people to the essence of nature, and follow a higher calling to uphold the unity of all life and to return us all to 'oneness'..."  


Amy Darian

Founder & Facilitator at Sacred Dolphin International


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