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Personal Dolphin Wisdom Reading















Arrange a Personalize Dolphin Wisdom Reading over the telephone with me to hear what wisdom the dolphins would like to share with you, yes you!  What messages are they holding to share with you? What questions in your life need answering? What deep path have you come here to fulfill? What assistance do you need?  Simply call, and I will tell you what they have to say. Why wait to hear what higher vibrational treasures are awaiting your life. Communicate with the dolphins. <3 



              $80.00 1/2 HOUR READING



              $160.00 FULL HOUR READING 


Simply send me an email with 2-3 times that are good for you and I will respond asap.  You are important to me, and I want to help you hear what IMPORTANT things your life is meant to accomplish!  


Copyright Sacred Dolphin, International 2016


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