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Cetaceanite®                                                          Purchase Below

Dolphin Activated Quartz Crystals

'Alchemy for the Soul'
What is Cetaceanite®  


The term 'Cetacean' is the biological name given to the Order of the

Marine Mammals (Cetacea) which include Whales, Dolphins, and



Cetaceanite®   is the name given to Quartz Crystals, including Pure

Quartz Crystals (and their derivatives), Amethyst, Citrine and other

mineralized quartz based crystals, that have received high frequency,

Wild Dolphin Sonar Pulses and Soundings. (including all other

Cetaceans, such as Whales and Porpoises).


Cetaceanite® is distinguished by, and is labeled in accordance to their individual and specific mineral composition.

(ie. Quartz Cetaceanite®, Amethyst Cetaceanite®, Citrine Cetaceanite®, etc...) and by which Cetacean species they have been activated by (with high frquencency sound wave encodings) ie. Dolphin Activated, Whale Activated etc...


Quartz crystal is Piezoelectric material, therefore, just like a modern day computer.  It processes energetic properties. Because of this it has the ability to be programmed, and this programming can be done through intent.


It is a well known scientific fact that Dolphin sonar and echolocation waves pass through solid objects, and that quartz in itself is a powerful medium for storing 'memory' and has been used for programming 'information'. This is the purpose of Cetaceanite®, to store and to hold the memory of high frequency, Dolphin sonar activation encodings and wisdom.


Metaphysical Attributes of Cetaceanite®


Cetaceanite® raises the frequency of all who come into contact with it, and in so doing it, assists with healing, and with the spiritual unfolding and awakening of those who carry or wear it.


Cetaceanite® carries within it - 'The alchemy of the soul'.


Soul Alchemy is the term used when divine frequencies act upon, and shift, our very own internal 'soul state of being'.

This is soul alchemy, it is found in the frequencies (sounds) of cetaceans and in the vibrations of sacred geometry - i.e. pyramid structures.


It is a silent invisible force which manifests in a tangible felt emotion and transmutation of the energetic vibration of our lives, affecting and ultimately healing, the planet and assisting in the gridwork of the universe.


We are 'transmuted' ourselves, with this energy, when the sounds of the whales and dolphins permeate the cellular energetic signature, DNA, and Mitochondria of our physical and emotional body. - This wisdom and transmutation is a gift from the animal kingdom, connected to the ‘God particle’, and allows direct access to the the purest form of love and light.


Cetaceanite® can be placed it in a room to purify and uplift your personal space. It assists the body in healing on a high cellular level, allowing beauty and harmony to resonate through all things and beings which it is allowed to touch.

Water can be energized by placing the Cetaceanite® within a glass of water overnight, which can then be used to drink, or added to your bath water. Place it under your pillow when sleeping, or use it to assist and seed healing in broken places of our world which are in dire need of assistance, love, and rebuilding. Cetaceanite® is particulary good for help with grieving and loss, and most especially useful for children, as dolpins love children and protect and cherish them.


Cetaceanite® not only carries with it all of the amplifying attributes of Quartz Crystals...but also the powerful transformative, and healing essence of 'Dolphin Medicine', which may help, assist us with, and include, but is not limited to the following:


Helping us recognize the sacredness of life; Activating higher brain and cognitive functions; Activating and aligning us with the higher chakras, (those beyond the 7th); Enhancing intuition and reativity; Facilitating conscious breathing and activating the 'breath of life' within us; Helping us create effortless rhythm within our life; Enhancing personal sexuality and sensuality; Assisting in creating clear communication and collaboration with others; and Facilitating spontaneous laughter, joy and play within our lives.


Cetaceanite® is a higher frequency gem stone of this 5th Dimensional existence and much beyond.


Owning your own Cetaceanite®


Your personal Cetaceanite® has received live sonar activation from Wild Dolphins in their natural environment.


A certification of authenticity, with reference to the location, and the particular Dolphin species involved in your specific crystal's activation, will be provided with every Cetaceanite® purchase. Custom activation requests are welcomed.


Please note - No Captive Dolphins are involved in any activation of Cetaceanite®, and no Ceteceans, including any Wild Dolphins, are coerced in any way to sonar activate any of our crystals. The crystals are activated through our personal intent that the Dolphins share healing and wisdom....and are reciprocated thereof by the Dolphins themselves during our personal encounters with them, by the acknowledgment to participate. If the dolphins indicate they are not willing to participate, the Cetaceanite® is activated at a further date and time, in attunement with the wishes of the dolphins.


'Cetaceanite' and 'Dolphin Activated Quartz Crystals' are both trade marks, and the intellectual property of - 'SACRED DOLPHIN INTERNATIONAL.'




Note from the dolphins: "It is the Akasha you wear."


Cetaceanite ®

Before shipping, you will be given your choice of Atlantic Spotted, Bimini Bottlenose, or Hawaiian Spinner Dolphin Crystals.


Cetaceanite ®

Dolphin Activated Keychains

Amethyst, Citrine & Quartz 

Item #005 - Keychain


Cetaceanite ®

Dolphin Activated BohoNecklace

Item #004 - Large Quartz Crystal Boho Necklace


Dolphin Activated Quartz Crystals

Item #001  -Large 



Dolphin Activated Quartz Crystals 

Item #002 - Medium

~Dolphin Activated Quartz Crystals 

Item #003 - Small 


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"After recieving the Cetaceanite, I have experienced wonderful changes in my life, and although I do work hard, trust my intuition and have faith, it seems that some really wonderful and amazing things are unfolding now, that allow me to say that this piece is powerfully GOOD and I have enjoyed it thoroughly."

Alicia Kali

Minnisota, US


~ "I love my necklace and point! The energy is wonderful to work with. I have been using the point in my crystal healing grids and the necklace for personal work. I love feeling and seeing the dolphin energy in play, in my life.<3"

Sarah Chapman

Western Australia


~"Upon receiving your wonderful crystal infused with Wild Dolphin Sonar... I sensed and felt, a Divine energy that was exciting and confounding, and I placed it in a special place within my home and allowed it to 'do' and 'be'."

Alicia Kali

Minnesota, US


~"I LOVE my piece of Cetaceanite! Thank You for the wonderful work You are doing."

Peggy Morgan

Michigan, US


~"I love my little piece of Cetaceanite!"

Susan Klugel

Virginia, US

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