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Swimming with the Wild Dolphins of Bimini...

Written by Amy Ramsey


At the edge of the horizon, where the blue turquoise

sea meets with the sky, are the sharp curls of

impressionistic waves. They wiggle and wave at the end

of our vision as though cut from construction paper by a

child. They remind us of the books we read as a child,

filled with poems of the sea. Always present, those blue

curling waves beckon of adventure and speak of distant



It is no wonder, then, that our first trip to this sparkling

waters yielded up a buried and lost child-self. The

intuitive side of us that has always been connected to

the higher vibrational light, but unable to find its way

back, resurfaced.


Bimini is one of only five places in the world where a swim in the ocean consistently guarantees a swim with wild dolphins. It is home to the playful and social Atlantic spotted dolphins, as well as many pods of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins.


Wild dolphins swim right up to you in the water and encourage you to join in their pod by swirling, twirling, and frolicking in the waters of paradise. When you are in the water with the dolphins, they immediately begin to heal your cellular structure through their echolocation and sonar. Studies have shown that dolphins activate cellular healing in us by spontaneously encouraging our bodies to create more T-cells and ‘feel good’ endorphins.


The echolocation from dolphins can be felt in our skeletal structure, and ultimately reverberates through our spinal cord and into our brain. Dolphins impart their high frequency sonar and highest intelligence vibrations upon our cells and DNA.


We had come to swim with the dolphins, to heal our bodies

with wholesome raw vegan food, and to meditate and

stretch with yoga in the mystical land of the Atlantean

energies. Bimini is known to be the home of the Atlantean

stones, an underwater road of man made ancient stones.

The lost civilization of Atlantis, prophesied to be located off

the shores of Bimini by the late Edgar Cayce, American

psychic and medical clairvoyant, were located in 1968,

just as Cayce had predicted. You can snorkel and explore

the Atlantean road, as we did during our stay in Bimini.


The vibrational energies of Bimini’s waters are impossible

to ignore. Situated directly in the vortex of the Bermuda

Triangle, Bimini simply rolls with powerful emotions and

clarity. This energy is enhanced to an unmistakable level when we join pods of wild dolphins in the sea.


Our dolphin boat, which left the bay at 2:00 and returned each evening at 8:00, floated us like winged flying fish directly out to the mirror clear waters of the dolphin grounds. Cheerful starfish dotted our path in the crystal waters below. Here we entered the land of the dolphins by donning our snorkeling gear, slipping into the silky ocean, and becoming one with the watery blue sea.


There are no words to describe the energizing epiphany that one experiences upon first swimming with wild dolphins. You could describe it as a mixture between pure joy and the ultimate love of the universe. It is a life milestone that redirects us back to what is essential and true, and inexplicably imbeds itself in our very cells.


Some react to their first swim with dolphins with exuberant smiles or laughter, similar to the joy and carefree feelings of childhood. Some cry uncontrollable tears of pure joy. Some are completely overwhelmed at the beauty of it. All come away with a new door opened that lets in the most dazzling luminous light into the cortex of our souls.


Our venue, The Atlantis Rejuvenation Center is the

dream-child of Jenny Yemaya Cook. Jenny, who

grew up in England, first came to Bimini 14 years

ago in her quest to visit the greater vortex/grid lines

of our planet.

She described arriving in Bimini as, “Feeling as

though I had come home.” Though she did not know

how to swim and had a tremendous fear of the deep

water, she was soon relaxed and twirling in the deep

with the dolphins. Bimini has a way of doing this.

Whether it is the high mineral content in the

beautifully clear Caribbean water, or the energy of

the place itself, we felt like agile fish alongside

the dolphins in the lovely blue world of sparkling

Atlantean energies.


Adding in the pure clean raw vegan food we ate that week, prepared with care by our expert raw food chef, our entire systems were cleansed, recharged and elevated. Beautiful verdant salads, four-star entrees, and bursting-with-life raw soups are part of your daily experience. You will forage for sea vegetables such as sea purslane, prickly pear fruit, and kelp, that are then cleansed and added to our raw soups, juices, and salads. 


The intense energy shift and vibrational realignment from the dolphins is greatly assisted by a diet that is clean and pure. This helps you to raise the body light energy that you contain, even further


While at the ARC, you can soothe yourself, as we did, through sunrise meditations, energy work, a multitude of ancient shamanic techniques to benefit every aspect of your life, and yoga in the restorative sea air.

Every afternoon you will be privileged to head out to swim with the wild dolphins in the ultra pure waters of Bimini to connect with the healing power of their sonar and joy.


We will assist you in recognizing your personal dolphin power animal. It is here, at the joining of our world and the dolphin world, that the dolphins will invite you into their sacred ground. Once you arrive at this border, simply practice respect, reverence and most of all, remembrance.


If you are looking for a way to quickly increase your energy vibration, to heal your body, or to reconnect with the pure joy of life that seems so lost in our busy world, you owe it to yourself to visit the quiet and healing island of Bimini with Sacred Dolphin International, and to reconnect with your child-self through playful swims with the wild dolphins.


Join the Joy!

Sacred Dolphin

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