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'Dolphin Magic'...

A Testimonial...


I always dreamed of experiencing time with Wild Dolphins, but like many dreams I did not feel they were realistic.

Now I embrace life and embrace my fears… traveling alone, leaving the country, doing things that make my heart sing!!!


When I decided it was time to seek out the dolphins, I knew that Sacred Dolphin was the one to guide me.
I trusted my gut and heart, the experience was supremely supportive and opening.

I joined Sacred Dolphin in North Bimini, Bahamas, during the full moon of May 2013.
The dolphin energy, love, harmonics, beauty and grace were a Divine experience.
I trusted and was blessed many times over.

You will not regret your surrender to the magic and majesty of this

experience. You will shift forward and grow physically, emotionally,

mentally and spiritually. I plan to join Sacred Dolphin again somewhere 

Maybe I will see you there?

Abundant blessings,



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